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Cách tân trong thiết kế nhà bếp hiện đại theo phong cách Italia
Đăng lúc: 12:36 Ngày: 06/11/2013

Phòng bếp hiện nay đang ngày càng được quan tâm về vấn đề trang trí và thiết kế. Và dường như nội thất hiện đại theo phong cách Italia rất được ưa chuộng.
Những thiết kế nhà bếp hiện đại theo phong cách Italia mang nét sang trọng và mang lại hơi thở  tươi mới. Những bảng màu được sử dụng từ màu trắng tới màu hạt dẻ đậm, màu xanh, đỏ, vàng chanh...

Mời bạn cùng chiêm ngưỡng bộ thiết kế phòng bếp cực xa hoa và sang trọng theo trang trí nội thất từ Snaidero, Italia.

Refrigerators and appliances are sunken into the wall for a stylish measure that also saves space.

Exposed shelving also makes it that much easier to grab the next ingredient and lets your spice add color to your kitchen as well as your meals.

round kitchen island

wine colored kitchen

Stainless steel countertops are easy to clean and gleam in a way that standard tile or Formica never could.

For those chefs that prefer a more subdued look, this kitchen moves away from the yellows and reds and keeps things a cool concrete gray.

wooden kitchen cabinets

As long as we're browsing the Snaidero site, we couldn't resist posting these modern looks from the "Board" and "Code" lines as well.

With a countertop/breakfast bar that juts out from the wall and almost seems to float, this kitchen is both modern and practical.

lime green cabinets

Just because a kitchen design is modern doesn't mean it can't add something to a more rustic décor, like this kitchen in this largely warm industrial loft does.

two story kitchen

white kitchen island

When you are looking to display your favorite dishes or keep staples within arms reach, these open shelving units are the answer.

This kitchen is more standard than many of the others but still has the clean and sleek feel of the others featured here.

cozy breakfast bar

A kitchen that takes up this much space has to be organized. Hidden cabinets, tons of storage and cleverly disguised appliances are just the ticket.

Theo Lan Anh

Theo Trí Thức Trẻ/Home-designing